Outdoor Living Space

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Amber McDaniel

When we were looking for a new house to purchase, one of the top items on my wish list was a covered patio and swimming pool.  We found a house that we loved everything about, except for the backyard. It was not anything like I imagined or even wanted.  There was not a covered area and the backyard was way overcrowded with landscaping.  My husband convinced me that we could eventually make the backyard the way we imagined since the house itself met everything on our “wants and needs list” not to mention the location was exactly where we wanted to be. 

After we moved in and got settled on the inside, it was time to move outdoors. We added a large covered patio onto the back of our home along with a swimming pool this summer.  Now outside in my new backyard is my favorite place to be.  We were able to create another living space and dining area by going outdoors!  It has given us more space to hang out and relax with friends and family.  I am so pleased! So, remember this while looking for your next home, especially in our current market. If you love the home but not the backyard, do not rule it out without considering all of the options. It could possibly end up even better than you imagined it would be!